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Action figure Garment Pattern

Copy and adjust this pattern to fit the size of your action figure

The Omer Counting Tool Kit

Download these items to make your Omer Counting Tool.  Be as simple or elaborate as you like.  The simplest tool would be to use only the beautifully painted board to count the days by printing the board onto cardstock paper and using an item of your choice to move up and down the board each day as you count.  The most elaborate tool you can make is to add other features to your board.  I have posted images to copy, instructions how to make it, and pictures of the one I made.  You can copy my design or design your own.  The painted board is compliments of artist D'VORAH HORN GREENBERG.  Please be sure to tell her on Facebook how much you love her colorful board.  You can also visit her website, Ritualwell and purchase some of her art work.