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Many years ago God had me start Healing Hearts Ministries Incorporated, and this site is just one of the ways he ministers to the people he so dearly loves.  God gave the idea for this healing website at a time in my life when I greatly needed a situation to be healed.  As I cried out to him he began to minister to me in many ways.  One of the ways was by involving me very deeply and completely in the creation of a Passover craft.  Intense focus was needed for the craft and it prevented intrusive thoughts about my problem from bombarding my mind.  When God said, "Whatever is good, pure, holy, think on those things" he was revealing one of the secrets to having peace in the midst of a storm, but sometimes we need help in being able to think only good thoughts.  He began to tell me to set up a healing website with crafts and self-help documents so that others could be healed by refocusing their minds as they walk out their faith, the same way he healed my situation.  He told me to name it, heal me dot com.  The name was already taken and for a few weeks I was not sure what to do until God made me realize that the name was not to be healme.com, but  healmedotcom.com.  Sure enough the domain name was available.  He said the site is to be healing therapy and a learning tool for the empowering and healing of people.  May the Lord bless and heal you as you travel down the healing path of God's love found on healmedotcom.com.  


Crafts added as God gives them.  Learning as I go.  Please be patient.

It was by obeying God's instructions to make a Passover craft that healing came to a situation in my life.  My mind needed to stay focused on the things of God but it seemed too hard to do alone.  Making the Passover craft kept my mind deeply focused on only good things.  God's instructions for you on this website is simply to fully participate.  God said these crafts and self-help documents are not for children.  They are for adults who need healing for their hearts, minds, bodies, and emotions.  Healing will come as you participate and walk out your faith.  He said not to think you are too grown up to do simple crafts because even the simplest things can set you free.  That's exactly what it did for me, and what it will do for you, if you will let it.  Send me your praise reports so God can get the glory for your healings.  Various crafts will be posted as God reveals them to me.  I am excited to see what he will have for us.   Participate with abandonment and embrace the healing found  along the way as you walk down the paths at healmedotcom.com.  

Enjoy your journey.

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The Learning Tree of Life


The bible says that the Tree of Life, which was once in the Garden of Eden, is now in Heaven and that its leaves are used for the healing of the nations.  There is much God wants to teach us, and it is not surprising that often as we dig deeper we uncover our healings.  I love to share with others the things God shows me.  New documents will be posted as God gives them so that we might all be pruned and continue to change and grow more and more into his image.  So enter in often, and watch your branches grow.

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